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  1. But are you sure same key will work with other pc files?
  2. From Last 4-5 months I am waiting for MPAJ rampsomewhere solution. Is there is any update on it? Please guide if anyone got solution.
  3. I have few original as well as infected with me. Is that possible to find out infection from rest files of my pc?
  4. Hello Team, thanks for your efforts while creating beta version. I just wanted to know does our new beta version supports Mpaj malware removal? Will be great if you do so.
  5. Not Working on Mpaj extension. Tried that free video converter.
  6. One more thing wanted to bring to your notice that in my PC I have video files with MPEG extension. That wont affected by this MPAJ. That video files are playing directly without changing there original extensions. So is there is use of this information? Please find sample infected files here. Please confirm. 3_ASR_VillageList_Pune.pdf.mpaj NameChangeAppFormEng.pdf.mpaj IMG-20160801-WA0013.jpg.mpaj
  7. My data also hacked. Same mpaj extension.
  8. Thank u. Sir do I have need to send any files for testing. Some of files I have original n infected to. If you guide will be more thank ful.
  9. How to add sir ID to your database to find solution?
  10. Hello Team, My whole life photos, videos, documents got affected by Mpaj extension. Adding sample files for reference. No key for New Variant offline ID: RNDHQwNS07HCo9nNdWwsQzumCtR12dC9OhcDrut1 Notice: this ID appears be an offline ID, decryption MAY be possible in the future Will be great if someone help. _readme.txt 3_ASR_VillageList_Pune.pdf.mpaj
  11. My all audio video documents files showing mpaj extension. Tried to remove that extension but file is not running after changing it. No key for New Variant offline ID: RNDHQwNS07HCo9nNdWwsQzumCtR12dC9OhcDrut1 My whole family photos are there. Attached some files which are affected like that. Will be great if you help me in this case. _readme.txt Tariff_page.pdf.mpaj
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