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  1. thank you for making that clear for me , i will surly always use Emsisoft antimalware .
  2. that is wonderful and a quick way to stop the encryption process if it didn't encrypt all files yet . Thank you for your response
  3. aha i see , that is a great function , so is that action of removing startup item and the Scheduled Task automatically done when i launch the STOP/Djvu decrypter or i should press decrypt button and choosing all partitions on the scanning area or just system partition ?
  4. can you explain more about that part of your reply please? "First, it will deactivate and remove any malware that was installed by the ransomware. This will prevent new files from being encrypted and will prevent re-encryption if files are restored from a backup. "
  5. Hi I installed Emsisoft Antimalware on my pc and i run a Ransim test for KnowBe4 and so many ransomware scenarios happened and test files are encrypted . is that test is reliable ? or something wrong happened . i am using windows 10 up to date before the simulation and all of emsisoft antimalware' shields were on. i will attach a Log of the simulation output with vulnerabilities and screenshots . i hope someone from Emsisoft technical support team make things clear about that topic . Best Regards Mohamed Emsisoft1_2020421_RansimResults.csv
  6. Hi Amigo you mean that compressing my important data to big archives my fight back the ransomware encryption effect ?
  7. @GT500 hi sir , Why Emsisoft does not announce offline key recoveries for stop/djvu ransomware variants ? Regards .
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