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  1. I did mis-type - the entry should say svchost.exe (not svhost.exe). It looks like this may be a Google update thing. I didn't recognize it since usually I saw something in the online armour popup that said google\update
  2. Windows XP home SP3 with all updates, Nod32 AV version 4, OA Premium (but not with the AV), Use Firefox, (at times Opera and Chrome) I started getting this question from OA Module \BaseNamedObjects\ShimCacheMutex wants to remotely control another process using OLE C:\WINDOWS\system32\svhost.exe I block it (not selcting remember, trust or terminate) since I am not sure if it is safe or not and it comes back again ~10 minutes later. Anyone have any idea if it is safe or what it is for?
  3. Just got the update and restarted computer. After restart I was prompted to choose one of 3 options - 30 day trial, enter license for premium or enter license for ++ version. My license is still valid and was updated to OA premium Win xp sp3 32 bit, nod32. Why do I have to dig up my old almost 2 year old license in order to get this update? I should not have to go through the trouble.edit - I found it but am a little frustrated with having to spend time to dig it up (especially without a forewarning)
  4. I will do that. Thanks to all the help, it sounded like something simple, but I don't know my way around the program that well and I got thrown off when I originally saw the rule was set up 5/4/2010 so I brushed it off that it had to be something else (the date does not change after an edit of a rule. But my daughter must have accidentally denied the access when OA recently asked (probably after an avast update).
  5. Catprincess and others that were helping me. I apologize for the delay, but an 80 hour work week did not allow me time to work on the responses here until now. I was able to update security programs - avast 5 and even check for updates on online armor, so the issue was just in internet access regardless of browser. I checked the firewall log and narrowed it down to avastsvc.exe (my avast 5 antivirus). Weird though since I had already checked program access of avast and all components including avastsvc.exe and it was set to allow. Looking at the log it showed that (when trying to access t
  6. I use firefox which is up to date, but also tired internet explorer with the same result. I am using Winpatrol as well as Avast, XP Pro all updates are in place. There have been no new installs a few weeks ago. This is a second computer that family members use. I'm not sure if they did something to cause this but in the last few weeks I have not had the time to look at it so they've been using another computer in the house until I got a chance to look at it. After re-booting the PC, I did some digging and turned off OA and the internet worked fine. I turned OA back on, turned off t
  7. When the firewall part of OA paid the internet will not connect. I tried to go into the firewall portion and reset the computer list and then trusted the network. This did not work. I can only connect when I uncheck and turn off the firewall. This started a couple of weeks ago but I am just getting around to looking at it. T
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