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  1. I have a lot of harmful files that I collected to learn the Malware analysis, and when I checked them on the (virustotal.com) website, I found that Emsisoft is among the very few companies that detects all the malware files I have. Thank you for keeping users safe.
  2. This site offer illegal programs that contain ransomware and others...the most dangerous websites can look innocent, take care. https://www.4download.net/399-windows-kms-activator-ultimate.html#sel=54:1,57:4 In the link you will find a Crack file with the (.opqz ransomware) Note: if you don't know what you do, PLEASE! don't run this file on your PC.
  3. What is about this ID ? Your personal ID: 0216OIWojlj487N22H1Ni0D99Ap2NfXFrRNnPY50YRIiWQfESJljR How we can know if the ID online or Offline ?
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