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  1. Nevermind. Found out it was a router issue. They're using a Hitron modem common to Rogers Canada. Had their firewall set to "Typical" which blocks a bunch of high-range port numbers, mostly between 49000 and 65K among a few others.
  2. I have a client that installed Emsisoft Business Security via the Cloud Console on several computers but 2 of them show as "Not Managed". Within the software, the Remote Management settings screen keeps saying that it will retry connecting to it, while other computers on the same network will connect just fine. I tried removing the software, reinstalling it normally, and then removing it with Emsiclean, and reinstall. They still won't connect. Is there a way to diagnose this issue? Also, somehow the invitation to add them as the Workspace owner expired, and I couldn't delete the Workspace and recreate it with a license that was assigned already, nor could I add them as an owner afterward (it only has WS Admin or Protection Admin). There needs to be some way to re-invite them as the workspace owner if the link expires when a license is connected because the Delete Workspace option isn't available once computers are added to it. Can someone help me correct this too?
  3. I've noticed on some test computers that RDP brute force attempts are on the rise, and I've heard from some individuals that they were hacked and ransomware was run on their systems. I've noticed it on a few of my test systems too, after having RDP over WAN enabled for months, it's just started in the past week to last couple days. So, there must be new IP scan-and-hack campaigns running out there designed to look for open RDP ports. I don't even use standard RDP ports, but there are many attempts at getting access through RDP from numerous IP addresses at a time. The attackers must be using port scanners and trying all open ports with RDP brute force methods. I wish there was some good network monitor and/or security health check option that would scan for this. I've heard about Glasswire before, which looks fairly simple to use, but is also heavily advertised on YouTube tech videos so wondering about the quality of it (I tend to stay away from products where the company has a huge advertising budget, especially for blogs and the like). Is it a decent program, or just over-hyped? And can you suggest anything similar? And something that won't conflict with Emsisoft? I kinda wish there was there was a first-party tool from Emsi for analyzing security attack points on a system or network, especially considering that they are going hand-in-hand with ransomware and other malware injections.
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