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  1. Ok let me try other file pairs and i will post the files(if there are any) not decrypted
  2. I will do that but is it possible for you to send me the keys since i am not sure whether i will find so many paired files
  3. same problem again. pair used and log is attached below logx.txt cal.exe cal.exe_Support_{9AUjMs}.FC
  4. No i can't find any paired files.. and the previous key was also encrypted so i might be in a fix
  5. Ok so now i am able to turn it on in normal mode and new files are no longer encrypted. I just need to recover a few really important documents else everything is perfect. And here are the logs of frst. Thanks a lot for help guys... just need the key now Addition.txt FRST.txt Shortcut.txt
  6. It is there... The 0046 one is the file i used as the pair but the original one is also encrypted now... Nearly 95% of my files are now done with... What can i do now
  7. Now even my boot files are corrupted and I can't open my laptop unless its in safe mode... Else it keeps rebooting in a loop
  8. attached a few files and the ransom note but could not attach a backup file which i really wanted since all of em are corrupted but its showing error... Attaching a log file too
  9. My files were encrypted with .fc extension for which i downloaded the decryptor provided here and even found key. But only those files related to emsisoft were decrypted and others showed message : file not supported, wrong file marker bangalore0a2.zip_Support_{9AUjMs}.FC 0046 Jagarnath.jpg_Support_{9AUjMs}.FC 210153.pdf_Support_{9AUjMs}.FC ---==%$$$OPEN_ME_UP$$$==---.txt log.txt