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  1. As asked the files are attached for further development.1 Brain Exercise For Better Mental[94588C1D-2275].[[email protected]].help[94588C1D-2275].[[email protected]].help RBI - NOTIFICATION - COVID-19 Regulatory[94588C1D-2275].[[email protected]].help
  2. Kindly check the attached results of Phobos and Globe Imposter 2.0 "Phobos" couldn't find anything so the result is null. But, "Globe Imposter 2.0" returned the result "encrypted folder and files" So please advise. Thanks. Joshi.
  3. Hi! My system got infected with a Ransomeware - GlobeImposter 2.0 My data files got encrypted and an extension suffixed with < id[94588C1D-2275].[[email protected]]> I have removed the infection with a anti-malware. but, no ransom note with found. I am trying to locate a decryption tool. Please help. Thanks Joshi