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  1. It doesn't work. It shows Invalid file pair; encrypted file incorrect size. That's why i made this post.
  2. This is the only pair i have. Formato Solciitud SOLI Arriendo 2013_02_04.pdf.blower.fwgyqk.blower Formato Solciitud SOLI Arriendo 2013_02_04.pdf
  3. It is the 5.1 version Yes, it shows: Unable to decrypt Old Variant ID: iNQZltY5oEpXvHrP0RCOZB4qz1z6FiwBgeb36xBb
  4. Hi. Months ago i got hit by the STOPRansomware and some files got a double extension on them. Beside STOPRansomware i got hit too by the Gandcrab ransomware and my files got like this: file.txt.blower.fwgyqk.blower I tried the pair method but it didn't work. Are there any options?