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  1. Hi GT500 I ran "Emsisoft Emergency Kit" My Computer is clean, nothing Found Then ran Decryption-tools/stop-djvu : report :File: C:\Users\Bonita\Videos\VEHICLE REG PAPERS\Thumbs.db.sqpc No key for New Variant offline ID: 0KLrVHeAVnIO5BGYK4AZAam9bU1YcAOZPzSigbt1 Notice: this ID appears be an offline ID, decryption MAY be possible in the future I will add the log file for you. any suggestions._readme.txt log 2 stop djvu.txt
  2. Hi. I have looked all over and I am not finding any other readme.txt file. I must have deleted the file. I have backups of 90% of my files and folders. There is just one that I need to have restored, and that is my .pst file. Do you have any solutions for this. I will wipe the drive and re-install all programs.
  3. Hi. I think I have removed the readme- files. I have done another Malware scan and ran Internet security. I have a file with everything I could find from Carlos I will attach some of it for you_readme.txt
  4. Hi, my computer was infected with ransomware CARLOS.sqpc I have already run Malwarebytes to try and remove the virus (quarantined the report) I am unable to get into any of my locked files and have not been able to decrypt any files. I have run FRST and EEK and saved the logs. How do I attach it to the message.