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  1. So far so good today (~5 hours in without problems). Will post back if / when the problem reappears. It is very puzzling why it would suddenly start acting up. There were no environmental changes I can think of.
  2. The quarantaine is empty, please see attached screenshot.
  3. I had similar but not identical CPU runaway issues last year (in a2start and commservice) - but have not had the problem again until yesterday. I did report them (you can find them through my post history).
  4. Thanks for commenting! OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OS Version: 10.0.18363 N/A Build 18363 Hardware: it's a Surface Laptop 2 (Intel CPU). Looking at the behavior in Task Manager there are 8 logical cores but the a2service.exe process does not keep one 100% busy. However, overall CPU usage is still very high (consistently > 12%) for the process once it's in this "runaway" state. It would have been woken from sleep, as it's usually "always on". I did reboot and the symptoms came back within the hour yesterday. The last Windows update was installed on 2021-03-10 (KB5000808). The event viewer shows pretty much clean for yesterday with the exception of some DistributedCom errors that seem unrelated. There's a couple of non related warnings, and that's it. Thanks for the suggestion to switch to "delayed" - will try that if the symptoms come back (just rebooted another time this morning).
  5. Emsisoft Business Security 2021.4.0.10785. It has been acting up since this morning (with a2service.exe consistently spiking between 10 and 20%). Rebooted but the problem came back within the hour. No scans are running. To be honest, this is very frustrating as it causes the fan on the machine to come on (and it is not the first time I have encountered a similar runaway CPU usage problem).
  6. The dialog in the screenshot above seemed to be popping up in a loop (I clicked OK, it came back right away). After some 5 times or so (of clicking OK), I shut down the protection to get rid of it. I did not see a crash dialog allowing me to submit a report.
  7. I'm currently trialing the business edition. I'm running version Business Security 2020.5.0.10149. This morning I was installing Syncfusion Essential Studio for WPF (full download, not the web installer). The installer was generating a lot of "this might be suspicious behavior" false positives (which I was clicking away through "wait, I think this is safe"). Then suddenly the following happened (possibly also leading to an incomplete or corrupt installation?). I shut down the protection because the below kept popping up (the dialog does not disappear after a single OK).
  8. I started a trial of the Business version today and I can confirm the same symptoms seem to occur here too. For the most better part of the day CPU usage was in the acceptable, low to very low range, but for the last hour or two it suddenly spiked up to between 10 and 20%. Version info: 2020.5.0.10149 Almost vanilla configuration, just excluded some (development) folders. Barracuda VPN was used during the day, but starting / stopping that did not change the symptoms. Shutdown Protection + manual relaunch from Start Menu looks like it works as a workaround (for me).
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