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  1. I followed this one: “About zip files:Remove the .KODC extension from the end of the file and open it. Only one file may have a problem and the rest may still be usable.(This method does not work for all zip files.)” Once you’ve opened the zipfile, copy and paste its contents to a new folder. The contents will then become reusable.
  2. Sorry, I’m just too desperate to recover my files.☹️ Thank you for the advise! I’ll keep that in mind. I can’t seem to delete my previous post.
  3. Hi, I just want to know if there were any circumstances before that the criminals were actually caught and the key for online ID was retrieved?
  4. Hi, can you message me the recovery software you used? Thank you so much.
  5. I followed your instructions with regards to the zip files, and it totally worked!!! Thank you, I was able to extract everything in intact!!! By any chance, do you know a way to recover those that are in jpg format?
  6. Is that applicable to all the other variants?☹️The ransomware that has encrypted my files were that of the variant “.koti” with an online key.
  7. Wow, that’s good to hear. May I ask if your files were encrypted by an offline or an online ID? Mine was encrypted by an online ID the other day.☹️☹️
  8. I have the same problem all the files in my laptop was encrypted to KOTI as well. This was what the decrypter has stated, "No key for New Variant online ID: ObRCsLDr709ru1waf2tLbGOs2RlWQ6j8VRV9jz0Z Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible." Since it is an online ID, is there no other way for it to be decrypted even in the future?
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