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  1. There is no free decryptor yet. All you can do now is buy the key.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uK1oQ6vpigA here is, how to remove the virus, but it is faster with antivirus.
  3. IMPORTANT! I found a file, which was in the Roaming folder. It has the same date as the encrypted files. I hope that's worth something. (I don't know what to do with it) KEY.FILE
  4. So I attached the original and the encrypted files as well. I deleted the virus before the ransom note, so it did not appear. I hope these sources are enough. (.docx, .jpg) Thanks for your help. (Do not criticize my German:DD) Adjektivdeklination_WB.jpg.corona-lock Adjektivdeklination_WB_2.jpg.corona-lock Familie und oder Karriere_grundprüfung.docx Familie und oder Karriere_grundprüfung.docx.corona-lock BacteriaVSVirus.docx BacteriaVSVirus.docx.corona-lock
  5. I uploaded the setup exe (in txt format), which infected my computer, I hope it is helpful. I dont have any experience in decrypting files, so I am asking for your help. This virus encrypted some of my important files and I am begging to you to help me. If anyone can help me, I would thank that. WARNING: THE EXE FILE CONTAINS VIRUS