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  1. There's the possibility that law enforcement may be able to catch the criminals or otherwise gain access to their servers and release their database of private keys for use in decrypters. In case this happens I recommend keeping a backup of your encrypted files so that you have them in a safe place.
  2. 🤩I have recovered all my files I just wanted to say thank you everyone! That made this possible! Can I know where can a send personal greeting to emisoft and the all the artist who is doing this work! Please? I am really very for happy!
  3. Thank you sir! Its working Now sir ! Should I uncheck to keep encryted files
  4. Ohh thank you so much! Can you share me the decryptor link for .covm offline keys! I means which version should I download?
  5. Wait, What! Really? Ok Ok I cant control myexcitement! But I was checking the Decryptor update in every hr! Ok letbit Can you please tell me about: I haven't connect my pc to internet after that attack happened and all my files get modiefied! After that I did deep scan with premium antivirus so there will be no danger if i connected my pc to internet?
  6. Thank you sir! I will be running the decryptor once every week! As you suggested!
  7. Hello! 3 days ago there is a Ransomware attack happen on my PC not just on my There are lot more people complaing about this on youtube and on other social media platform and that virus turned all files in .COVM extention and now those are unaccessible! Some how I managed to throw out the virus from my PC Now no new files are encypting! But when I try to to decrypt those files with EMISOFT decyption tool It saying ( This ID appers to be offline ID, Currently decryption is not available but may be in future we can) And I trust you for this I know your the only who can save us from this! Please help!!
  8. On 21st may my all files get infected with .COVM extension ! And when I used the emisoft decryptor tool it saying ( its a offline key not abel to decrypt right not but may be in future we will abel to. some like this! Does any one have any idea what should I do to encrypt my filesh!