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  1. As someone on this thread who DID have performance problems, they were fixed for me. In my view, they have gone to effort to resolve performance issues. Perhaps what you are experiencing is yet another issue, which isn't widespread, and would benefit if you channel your energy into assisting their support with logs etc rather than to retort in the forum, which probably won't get you very far. Stay positive, be supportive, you may get a solution!
  2. I have updated to the beta, I'll report back should the issue reoccur. Just to restate, this was a sometimes problem not always. Also if I am on a beta train, when do betas typically get rolled into releases? i.e. when should I typically move back to the release train?
  3. Apologies for not labelling the columns, you are correct 2nd from right is CPU. I'll take a look at the thread you posted seems related and more diagnostics than what I have done.
  4. @stapp, Windows 10 1909 a2* services are using less than 1% at present. Note when i reported my system was at 20% it was compiling code. Typically it is much less like now at 8%. I've shutdown protection, closed the app and restarted. It's now back to being typical performance. I'll monitor this, as it has now happened a few times, and it is the only app that performs this sluggish.
  5. The EMSISOFT interface is extremely sluggish to perform trivial tasks. Things like window dragging and scrolling act like the app is starved of resources. I am on a Ryzen 9 3900x 12 core, CPU average 20% usage, 32gb of ram Free No other application acts this way. Version reports as 2020.5.0.10149 Any assistance appreciated, as it is painful navigating the app at present so slow.
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