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  1. I do not understand. I read that you write: "Our decryption service can analyze the differences between an encrypted file and an original unencrypted copy of the same file, allowing it to determine how to decrypt that type of file. For most victims with an older variant of STOP/Djvu, submitting file pairs will be the only way they will get their files back". So why can't you both compare and find out the cipher for this file type?
  2. hi. I want to ask you: Attackers allow you to send one encrypted file, so they open it for free. i send them a WORD file and they opened it to me. Will it be helpful to send you the original file and encrypted file for comparison?
  3. Hi! I did the three steps to identify my infected files and the program failed to crack them. please help me! That's what I get: File: F:\Telegram Desktop\Adguard Premium V7.4.3192.0.exe.covm No key for New Variant online ID: NgxyK23KhnkVM3cPs1AtYUdDdXrBNpYZaArSD9Il Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible
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