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  1. Thank you for the in-depth response! It definitely was a great read. I’m thoroughly convinced I’ll be making the right choice by purchasing EAM later tonight. The lengths you all go to, to make your software bloat-free, secure, and accessible (customer support-wise) is nothing short of remarkable. I have also gone ahead and posted your update process in a reply on the thread in MalwareTips. Hopefully it can dispel any misinformation and highlight how seriously Emsisoft takes security. If you can’t see it, it’s because I’m a new user on there. My post needs manual approval by a moderator but it should show up soon enough. Thank you and @GT500 for your time. I appreciate all the help and information — I learned quite a bit today!
  2. Mr Emsi himself! It’s quite an honor to have you respond to my thread. Thank you for the update and information. I’m glad you take things like this seriously. I was just reading another thread on the forums regarding the Firefox Addons page setting most extensions as “not recommended” instead of “not reviewed” which may signal negatively upon the Emsisoft Browser Security extension. You were proactive in reaching out to Mozilla and getting them to admit to eventually changing the wording. Definitely commendable and not something often seen by larger security vendors. I will be purchasing EAM soon. Excited to try your product as it is one of the few well-regraded programs I haven’t used. I have another question on the side that you or @GT500 may be able to answer. A user on another popular security forum (MalwareTips) stated Emsisoft does not encrypt updates (signatures, program updates, etc.) to the program: Another user stated you do encrypt most of the communication between the program and your servers. Which one is correct? Link: https://malwaretips.com/threads/why-security-suites-use-an-insecure-connection.101229/
  3. Thank you for the information GT500. I remember seeing you around on the Malwarebytes forums back in the day! I never made an account there but lurked almost daily between the years 2011 - 2016. Didn’t realize you also work for Emsisoft; what a happy surprise. I wasn’t aware of this API from Microsoft to have Windows recognize a security vendor and disable Windows Defender. That’s pretty interesting. I take it Microsoft protects access to this API so they can control which software vendors can utilize it? Otherwise fake AVs and crapware could potentially use the API to register their software and have Windows Defender disable itself? And if this is true, that would mean Microsoft is aware of Emsisoft at some level otherwise they wouldn’t have granted access to their API for EAM to use? Is all of this correct? And I take it your response means Emsisoft has no current plans to reach out for a spot on that list?
  4. Thank you for the reply stapp. It’s good to hear you haven’t run into any problems between Windows Defender and Emsisoft. I’m also aware of the browser extension in the Edge Legacy store. In fact, a new Edge-Chromium extension was also released recently by Emsisoft and is listed on the new Edge-Chromium web store. But that doesn’t really have anything to do with the situation at hand. Browser extensions are great but almost anyone can send in one to get approved and listed eventually. What I’m asking about is Microsoft’s recognition of Emsisoft as a top-notch security vendor (which it already is). I’ve also seen the older thread you’ve linked and I decided to make this post because the issue hasn’t been resolved. If lesser-known vendors such as VIPRE, TotalAV, PCMatic, AhnLab and many others can do it, surely Emsisoft can. Any monetary fee Microsoft charges would be, in my humble opinion, worth the trouble. You’re being listed by Microsoft on their official support page as a security partner. It doesn’t get much better than that.
  5. Hello, I hope you’re all doing well. I‘ve known about Emsisoft for a few years now. I’ve heard good things for the most part. I’ve used most mainstream consumer AVs on the market but never Emsisoft. As I was going to install EAM Home Edition today for the first time, I stumbled upon this: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/18900/consumer-antivirus-software-providers-for-windows This is a list of recognized security vendors by Microsoft. As you can see, most mainstream AVs are listed, the usual suspects being NortonLifeLock, McAfee, Kaspersky, ESET, Avast, etc. Some rather obscure programs are also present such as TotalAV, Carbon Black, and PC Matic. Oddly enough, I do not see Emsisoft on the list. If you refresh the page, the security vendors list is scrambled into a different order but the exact same AVs are listed. Emsisoft still does not show up. While I’m sure being listed on this page is not a necessity for being a trusted security vendor, it is odd to see a company like Emsisoft not represented. You’ve been in business for over 15+ years, released many anti-malware tools, decryptors, and provided insight into security attacks. You’ve been featured in articles on well-known mainstream publications such as CNN and BBC (this one is mostly about Mr. Wosar — I’m a big fan). I’ve also noted various “tech review” sites stating Microsoft’s Windows Defender often does not turn off when Emsisoft is first installed. Now I don’t necessarily believe these review sites on most of their statements as they usually push some vendor from whom they get a cut. But, after seeing this statement multiple times over, coupled with Emsisoft missing from the list, I’m beginning to think this may be because Microsoft doesn’t recognize Emsisoft as an official security partner. Or at least not as much of a partner as the vendors listed in the link above. I’m not saying Microsoft isn’t aware of the work you’ve done and continue to do, or that you don’t show up in the Windows Security Center. I’m sure they are aware and your software is detected by Windows. But it’s still possible you’re not as recognized as the other vendors listed which is why Windows Defender may fail to turn off more often when Emsisoft is installed. And in my opinion, that’s unfortunate. Emsisoft has done, and I’m sure continues to do, great work in the cyber security space. But issues like these make it difficult for the average consumer to be aware of your products. If there isn’t any real obstacle preventing you from listing your brand on that webpage by Microsoft, please consider getting it done ASAP. You may be able to direct more users to your platform, especially considering the “Learn More” button under each listed vendor that re-directs to their website. It may be a small gesture but any exposure is good exposure. I welcome any and all feedback from the Emsisoft team. Thoughts?
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