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  1. i sent one file to the email mentioned in the _readme.txt file for the decrpytion test, i sent the file via my infected computer but clicked on the decrypted file download link through my un-infected PC , i think its because of that. well i also share files wilth computer on my network.
  2. There is a really creepy looking file inside my temp folder(it is a folder with only numbers for example "12354-68484-4654", something like this), my pc was infected and files were encrypted, i am not sure what do to ? is the ransomware in the temp folder ? should i delete it ?
  3. Okay this is getting worse,, apparently my fathers laptop was infected by the StopDjvu, and all the files were locked with a .PEZI extension , BUT here is the think, the ransomware jumped into my computer through the INTERNET!!! I swear i am so lucky , i mean i was literally sitting in front of my computer seeing the process start and do the enryption, i was viewing photos on my disk E and it started the encyrption process from disk E! in front of my eyes as i watched seeing my files get locked , the only possible and smart thing to stop the process i could think of was to removing the LA
  4. My fathers all work files are encrypted, because of this STUPID PEZI VIRUS! my father's all the important work files were in the laptop but now its all gone!! when i try to decrpt them it says No key for New Variant online ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible Please let me know when the actual .pezi decryptor will be available.
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