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  1. Yes I am aware of this as I am using the same since I am evaluating 30 Day Trial on Business Security and it comes with my.emsisoft.com and 2fa for every login with new browser or ip.
  2. Its fixed as the email account detected ip change and had to be given special permission for sync. Alerts working charm.
  3. No users dont have admin rights but still some try to fidget with system. I have deployed the EMSI Protection on Live Server. However emails alerts are not coming. I have question does Emsisoft use Host server (on which its installed) ports to send email or Console has its own email sending system?
  4. Only one difference which I found was the Process is going 99% but dosent stay long it drops slowly, however still towards little high consumption. This is just when we end process from task manager. I think this is one of the best Endpoint Security I have seen in terms of features / footprint on cpu / effectiveness. Just i wanted to test this as many users try to end process from task manager to open something or some scripts which are cmd based which initially doesn't look like threat. Basically if all EMSISOFT processes in task manager or sevices gives deny error as the main control lies in cloud console will be the best. I am in process to purchase this and use for the security of my cloud servers
  5. when you suggested to check if there any other Anti-virus service active, that time I disabled the protection and then did a fresh install of EMSISOFT.
  6. I am not here to compare any to any brand just i am looking for best for myself so my client's data in cloud be safe. I was so close to purchase it for all my cloud servers just before that i wanted to watch it on overall performance. I totally agree to all the points that we have highlighted here that any of the Protection services should not be terminated, however we are looking at the more logical point that if in case someone from any user / auto-script or something which tries to eliminate the task, the error shall appear not that the processing power goes to 99% where all users are affected. It should just deny the request which i think could be more sensible rather taking 99% of CPU. Well windows defender is part of Win 2016 Server, and I did not manually made any changes, my installation process was pretty simple. Login.. Download ... Install. I will still check on it and if its active in case i will disable it from gp settings. In addition to this, I just checked one more thing that email notifications work like charm, however when agent is offline / down then there no alerts.
  7. It is relevant as my Cloud users run their application and at endpoint there is always a need of Protection, and since clouds are always on virtual cores, the power is less as compared to physical server, hence the security should be very light weight. I totally agree that neither a user / malware should be able to turn off the protection or kill the process, however the point i wish to highlight is it should either give error access denied or simply do nothing; But instead it is actually using all the CPU. Like i mentioned I have a VMWare Work station, I have alloted 4 cores per CPU so in total 8vCPU to my VM on my local machine.
  8. Jeremy, that is exactly since I am a Cloud Service Provider with value addition of Security + Backups, I have to evaluate security at a VM level and not at the Host Server level as every one is on different public cloud. Well open the Task Manager and under processes kill the process "Emsisoft Protection Service" nothing will happen but CPU Spike to 99% and thats the end game, you reboot and that's only option. I am running it on my VMWare Workstation with 8 vCPU and 8 Gigs Memory with nVME drives. I haven't yet started to do the stress test by bombarding it with the infections LOL
  9. Hello, I have been evaluating 5 Major products for protecting my Cloud VM's hosted in Public Cloud setup. I had been looking for a product with Cloud console and specializes in Anti-Malware with best defense against Ransomware and giving alerts on email. Which is low on resource and effective. So I tried to play with all possible live scenario testing. When i did very basic test (Task Manager and End Task the Emsisoft Protection Service CPU Spiked 99% and nothing can be done apart from force Reboot. EmsiSoft Business Security Version : 2020.6.0.10209 OS : Windows Server 2016
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