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  1. A quick analysis from me for example shown that most STOP ransomware samples have a code that checks the keyboard layout for avoiding CIS countries.
  2. seriously just why? all this support for free, you guys are the nicest people . we don't deserve your support!, hats off to everyone at EMSISOFT and BleepingComputer .
  3. ok ok , so login in safe mode , and delete all the viruses.(it will work for sure) , once you do that , create a backup of all your encrypted software and store it safely, because you are infected by an online key , and the decryptor of online key is not possible until and unless the police or the FBI does not find the hackers and release their database of private keys!
  4. Why did you try to download the crack my friend . next time always purchase the software
  5. ohh, thanks. but how do you know that ? are there any chances in the future that the police will search them? Thanks for your amazing work! 101%Respect for you sir.
  6. Will the police/FBI give you all the private keys if they find the Hacker behind StopDjvu ransomware?
  7. Do you guys think that the police will catch the group behind the STOPdjvu virus? because that is the online way to re cover files from he online encryption.
  8. is STOPdjvu virus the first virus to use an online key encryption ? if any other ransomware used the online key encryption then, did someone even find a way to decrypt those files? also how long do we have to wait in order to decrypt our files?
  9. Okay so i got the .PEZI ransomeware and it is the newer variant with an online key! So my question is how long to wait for the online decryptor for STOPdjvu? i mean is it the first time that a virus is using this kind of decrytion ? if not , then how long do we have to wait? also is FBI even searching for these criminals?s
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