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  1. File: F:\EAGLE-7.7.0\PSU_PS4_ADP_160ER_AAA.pdf.kkll No key for New Variant online ID: qV0nAbWcsw4aEJSXrSSjlF0dt8zAMHlI6OvsrRF5 Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible So, I do not have a chance??? good thing is, it didnt hit ALL my files, some are safe!!! bad thing ones important ones did...
  2. How you know that? where is info on that??? I managed to install it by pressing F8 and select an option about sign drivers, don't remember the whole thing... now is scanning the drive!
  3. I bought the software!!! read my post... I say I bought one SEAT!! Ok, so I use another HDD, install windows, and download the software, but now it says STEP 3 ERROR 577... somthing about a digital singal... Any one can help instead of judging???
  4. Machine is saying Windows Installer is not running on safe mode!!! HOW DO I INSTALL IT???
  5. all my files have kkll at the end... is that encrypted???
  6. I have a PC that got infected yesterday, the screen went black, so shut it down, and when turn it back on, it will get to a point where it almosy hang, notice in task manager A LOT of process open, like CMD.EXE, SORT.EXE and others with numbers 123456789.EXE, even if I close them with the Task Manager can't be able to install your software, so I used my wife laptop and install it on it (i bought one seat), and took the HDD of my computer to see if it can clean it, BUT, the d**n lap die just in the middle of scanning, and now it just won't turn on... so now I have my own PC which is the one I want to clean, but won't let me, I manage to enter the PC on safe mode with network connections, and I am writing this from this computer, so My Question is, can I install and clean my PC on safe mode, and Can I use the seat from the laptop even tho not use, or do I have to buy a new one??? please help!