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  1. I am attaching the scan report , 'EAM.txt' ,and the log files of Farber Recovery Tool,'FRST.txt' , 'Addition.txt' along with this reply. FRST.txt Addition.txt EAM.txt
  2. Sorry, my bad, I hadn't read those instructions completely.😅
  3. I've not scanned the system by Farbar Recovery Scan tool, I have scanned it by Emsisoft Anti-Malware. So what do I do in this case.
  4. I will also send the scan report 'EAM.txt' in case you may need it . EAM.txt
  5. Respected sir I am uploading the log file named 'Scan Logs.txt' in this reply . Please let me know if there is something else to be sent. Hoping to get a solution soon Thank you Scan Logs.txt
  6. I wasn't able to neither quarantine nor delete a malware detected in a system essential file. So please suggest me a way to safely remove this infection.
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