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  1. Hi, Thanks for your information. After ran the FRST, And I found the suspicious file on the suspicious servers. "rdapi.dll" Is it possible to help me to check it ? rdapi.dll
  2. Hi, I'm not have experiencing with virus. Please advise, How can I get the malware ?
  3. Is it possible to decrypt my files ? Hopefully I will get a lucky because we also got a trouble with our backup system.
  4. Yes, Right the encryption date is "‎Tuesday, ‎June ‎9, ‎2020, ‏‎8:12:54 AM"
  5. Hi, The encrypted date/time is in file properties. I have attach the several encrypted files for your reference. Please let me know if you want more information. Thank you in advance for your help. aa.txt.QLZWVR_LeChiffre Test Access Audit - Update.txt.QLZWVR_LeChiffre Test Access Audit - Rename.txt.QLZWVR_LeChiffre HMTh-Automated Email Reminders.ps1.QLZWVR_LeChiffre log.csv.QLZWVR_LeChiffre QLZWVR_LeChiffre_ReadMe.txt
  6. Hi, Last week I'm facing the Ransomware issue, It's very similar to the existing LeChiffre but it cannot decrypt by the provided tool. And the below is the virus noted. hello. to recover your files, send any message to: telegram messenger: @isres or email: [email protected] reserve method of communication: email: [email protected] usually the answer is 1-10min. If there is no answer, check the spam folder or write from another email where there is no spam filtering. super reserve method of communication: bitmessage messenger: BM-2cTTNY8gzaTxEoPDs9P1jaSRPdit9n8G65 download the messenger: in the response, you will receive instructions. Have a nice day!