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  1. Yes, you are right. It's very dumb to pay those criminals, some peope did pay and never got the decryption so called tool. And what did they took? Almost nothing. I plugged out the network cable and manually removed it in safe mode, then to be sure, re-installed the system. My licence to Norton is still valid tot end of September, then I buy the soft of Emi. Still, some files are encrypted and I doubt that a miracle suddenly occurs.
  2. But you are talking against your own store. You said yourself that Norton is a good program but you you don't talk about Emisoft. And no, I'm far from- fighting with you, I'm not like that, however I'm frustrated that our second wedding can't continue because of Covid 19 and now this virus.
  3. Ow, I didn't know about that but good to know! I also noticed that you aren't a Microsoft fan but I need it for my work. May I ask what OS you use? (My wife uses Mac OS)
  4. I doubt that YouTube has something to do with it. I'm running my own mailserver by Kerio Connect and I guess some user opened a mail not to be opened. Yes, I already know the following question: Why use YouTube on a server? Well, If you are building a house and just bought an Audi then you have to make choices. (Off topic)
  5. I wouldn't say that that. No longer support or updates for win 7. I also found out that Windows Defender has an option for anti-randsomeware but turned off by default. Why? Good question.
  6. Well, Windows or Ubuntu, a discussion that will never ends. I grew up with Windows 3.11, sold and repairedPC's. In my eyes, Windows Millenium was the worst. But this is off topic. I'm very glad that you are willing to help me and other victms. And yes, I admit, I made a huge mistake by setting Norton offline because even with 16 Gb of RAM, it still uses a lot of memory. I can't give you the link to YouTube because it wasn't a channel. Just listening to classical music. Also,I will buy a licence to your software because you are more then helpful. (Ps: Don't mind the picture, that's my wife, both 39 YOUNG, not old)
  7. I managed to recover most of my files on a second drive. I was even surprised that I made back-ups (probably in another live or so). Re-installed Win 10 Pro (I need the Pro version for several reasons). In over 20 years, using anti-virus from Norton, I never encountered such a nasty virus. As requested, to you, I'll send you some more infected files in a RAR file to you. I even read that they also attack hospitals!! In Corona times!! These people should be public hanged!
  8. Hi, I found that HTML file in a total other directory and mailed you some files as requested. I could manage to safe most of my files. Thank you so much for your support.
  9. I was listening to some music on YouTube when suddenly my PC was very slowly and finaly crashed. After rebooting almost all my files have the extension *.pvdn behind for example *.jpg.pvdn. Seems that it is a brand new randsome virus and I have no idea how to decrypt my files. Also databases are infected. Any help please?