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  1. Of course . I've uploaded 2 photos file pairs and a video file pair there's an error with uploading in the site so i have uploaded it on google drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sg23sRTyw2S3eqJatyJ6SuZSQW3Pd4oI/view?usp=sharing and THANK YOU for your effort I really appreciate it even if we couldnt fix the data ❤
  2. yes i have tried other file pairs and it gives the same error Invalid file pair; "encrypted" file is not encrypted is there any way to know if all my data is corrupt?
  3. It doesn't open either So this means i spoiled my data? how to know if my data is no longer can be encrypted ?
  4. hey , i was attcked and there was no solution at that time ,so i saved the encrypted files and now the website gives me Invalid file pair; "encrypted" file is not encrypted what should i do ? I've attached a sample (.vesad) 20161125_082254.jpg.vesad