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  1. Sir, is there any possibility that the decrypter will be maked in the future?
  2. Thank you for your response, I checked the links and it's surely encrypted by avaddon ransomware. Sir, is there any positive result for decrypting .avdn file?
  3. Ok sir, I've attached my encrypted files to this message. Thank you in advance. fehrest.jpg.avdn candle.jpg.avdn TseClientSetup-2_www.MyChart.ir_.zip.avdn
  4. Sir, how can I specify that my files were encrypted by one or two ransomware? Is it possible to decrypt them?
  5. Sir, I sent a request to this page https://legal.drweb.com/encoder/?lng=en and attached my encrypted files which got infected by avaddon but they said that files got encrypted by 'Medusalocker' And can not decrypt them whereas my files have '.avdn' extension. What's the problem? I can not decrypt my files? Thank you in advance
  6. Sir, thank you very very much for following up. I have a question, is it possible to find a clue or a key for decryption from the avaddon virus file?
  7. Hi sir My system got infected by this virus and some of my important files got encrypted. How can I get rid of encrypted files and get those decrypted? I need my files please help me Thank you in advance
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