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  1. Ok thank you sir.thanks for your help.i will try emsisoft anti malware sir.thankyou
  2. Ok thank you sir. But I have a doubt.when ransomware affected my pc I used windows 7.but in windows 10 that OS security already has ransomware protection. So my question is, is this protection enough to protect from all ransomware? Do we need additional ransomware protection?
  3. Ok sir.thank you. I'm waiting for that sir.if you find decrypter please inform here sir.i always connect with your support service .
  4. Sir. I have checked my avaddon files in Dr.web.they said decryption is not possible. Now what should I do sir? Shall I save my important infected files for future? In future, will decryption be possible 100%? How long time it will take to find a decrypter? Sir .
  5. One day Your hard work will be helpful to everyone sir.we support you. Can I send my decrypted files and note to you sir? I didn't send them to dr.web yet.before that can I send them to you sir?will you check my AVADDON files are decryptable or not?
  6. When you get the reply from them please post here sir.we are waiting for that sir please.. The encoder name in the DrWeb database is Trojan.DownLoader33.50335, Trojan.DownLoader33.59028 SHA-256: 05af0cf40590aef24b28fa04c6b4998b7ab3b7f26e60c507adb84f3d837778f2 SHA-256: fa4626e2c5984d7868a685c5102530bd8260d0b31ef06d2ce2da7636da48d2d6 Dear Amigo-A sir, what are these names? What can I do with it sir?
  7. Ok sir I will try your idea.thanks for that. But won't you release the AVADDON decrypter in your website sir? It will be very helpful to all. Won't you sir?
  8. Can I get the decryptor only for lower price after they finish key calculation?
  9. Sir. I have no unencrypted original files.because whole of my files have been encrypted by AVADDON. What can I do sir?
  10. Sir, is this purchase essential one? Because I already purchased another antivirus after the attack and it has long time to expire. Won't they release the decryptor only?
  11. sir. did you get any good news from Dr.web about decrypting avaddon files? please sir, we are eagerly waiting for your answer sir.
  12. Ok sir.as soon as you get the results from Dr.web,please inform here sir. All of we are expecting positive results.please sir....
  13. Sir ,what did you say😦? Please explain.my heart is bursting. Can't I decrypt my very very important files anymore?
  14. Sir, how to find my AVADDON ID is online or offline? My AVADDON ID ends with " 0= ". Is it online or offline Id sir ?
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