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  1. I FOUND A SOLUTION. Sorry my english is bad. The only thing that work for me are the following steps. 1 we must go to %temp% and delete everything in here. 2 I've download an antimalware (to delete the virus) , I dont remember the name but it's an program with a blue M. This help a lot cause after the analyze i found 32 files with the virus. And of course I delete everything 3 after that the only problem left are the encrypted files. Honestly I didn't find a way to desencrypt them, BUT lucky me I was able to make a recovery of them. Go to a file, delete
  2. Hello Emsisoft team, My PC recently got infected by .Moba ransomware and i have deleted the virus but ALL of my files being encrypted. Is there possible way to decrypt it with decryptor tools or something else to restore my files? *Error: Unable to decrypt file with ID: qp2fsC4LLuGAT7ke4j1JaMbzd7pTwmwXWay6661d* please help me
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