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  1. I hope I'm not bothering you. As I slowly start to understand the nature of this virus and the crime behind it, I keep thinking about solutions. Could the following idea work? A decrypter that goes through all the characters (If I'm not mistaken, the key has a 40 character length, so the number of guesses is almost half as if it were to start from 1 character). A very small jpg file (less than 50kb.) would be used and the decrypter would create copies of all the decrypted jpg files for each key. The user would open the specific directory and search through the thumbnails for the jpg decrypted with the right key. Having the right key, it could be used to decrypt all files. I would even pay for such a decrypter if the idea works. I know, it would be millions and millions of files, but I think I would have the patience to search manually, and if the created files total size would be more than lets say 100GB, the decrypter would pause and continue upon command. Edit: I just calculated the number of guesses. 64 characters to the 40th is a very huge number
  2. Thank you for your reply. How about files that I have copies of both in encrypted and in original form as well. Can these be used to reveal the key?
  3. Hi. I appreciate your work very much. I can not tell by words how helpful your work is. Just the fact, that you offer a solution for free is incredible. You repair damages to many peoples lives. Unfortunately my 20+ years of work and personal files were encrypted with an online key. I struggle to remain sane, and I try not to realize how much I have lost. Will there be any chance in the future to decrypt such files? I believe in miracles to some extent, but as I understand, this is a very hopeless situation at the moment. I tried System Restore, data recovery tools, etc.