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  1. The problem is solved! I got my files back. You are amazing!!!!
  2. Million thanks!!!! You're an angel! So much appreciated! I'll send you inbox with the files
  3. Yes. I have a docx pair (about 4.8 mb) but with .verasto extension. I think is the biggest. All .hrosas docx files are less than 100 kb
  4. So sad! I had almost everything decrypted (thanks to your excellent work) except of a few docx files, mostly with .hrosas extension. For the .verasto ones i had a proper pair so i've decrypted the most of them. Anyways, thanks for the reply!
  5. Dear friends First of all i'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the excellent job you've done! I've decrypted almost all my photos and videos. They were infected by .verasto and .hrosas. Still i've encrypted my .pdf files, but there's a problem for the .docx files. The ones i have are too small for finding a proper pair (over 150 kb). Is there any other solution? Thanks in advance
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