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  1. I tried to contact them and they sent me this mail You need to purchase an decrypt software and unique private key.After you will get software, start it and decrypt all your data.You can download video overview decrypt tool:https://fromsmash.com/NjXCXq9NDq-dtPrice of private key and decrypt software is 0.06 bitcoin with 50% discount.0.06 bitcoin ~ 490 usd.Before paying you can send 1 file for free decryption.Send us your personal ID too.Please note that files must NOT contain valuable information.After payment we answer all your questions about server safety.The easiest way to buy bitcoin
  2. New Variant online ID: 0238yjnkjddrtdtwFP7D4W7ruZDvKawXaKWvs4TCLO4GkhyWgxghS online id still haven't a solution?
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