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  1. Ho So used both - and no streams at all I then copied the Fonts folder to a USB and performed a scan off a VM and it detects nothing How bizarre is this? Windows Defender Online scan and offline scan showed nothing as well
  2. I am just doing a MS Defender scan as well - so will see what that brings
  3. Sure here you go https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/9287925cae90ac480804094ff0876832065e2db116470da1f524d79ed9c18b70/detection https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/b17667ce7e13581db105777f986e141168231e88a8ef16d13e581c7c1525f14b/detection https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/b2efabca5ea4bc56eea829713706b5cd0788b82aca153bd4adde9b1573933b4f/detection
  4. Log file contents ======= Emsisoft Emergency Kit - Version 2020.5 Last update: 04/07/2020 12:49:26 My own EDITED Hostname Edited Windows 10x64 Scan settings: Scan type: Malware Scan Objects: Rootkits, Memory, Traces, Files Detect PUPs: ON Scan archives: OFF Scan mail archives: OFF ADS Scan: ON Direct disk access: OFF Scan start: 04/07/2020 12:49:36 C:\WINDOWS\system32\fonts detected: Trojan-Spy.Win32.Agent (A) [221784] Scanned 75966 Found 1 Scan end: 04/07/2020 12:50:26 Scan time: 0:00:50 ========= I then enabled view for Hidden files and also OS - Looked in to the C:\Windows\System32\Fonts and same three files I also checked to see if fonts was a file in the root of System32 - but nothing is there. Very confused....but equally would like to see what is causing this
  5. Wow - that was good support sla! Ill check on the above and come back to you shortly
  6. Hi We have a brand new build of a laptop with WIndows 10 and we noticed that when we ran EEK it showed a detection of a virus in C:\Windows\System32\Fonts But we are not able to open it when we try and open the location from with EEK When I browse to the folder it has three TTF files per the attached screen shot. I then ran an AV with Kasersky and Bitdefender and that didnt detect anything. Could this be a false positive?
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