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  1. thank you sir for recommendation and concern I think you mean " Emsisoft Anti-Malware " pro - latest version
  2. SMADAV AND PANDA ANTI-VIRUS ( because they are light on pc ) right now I have Emsisoft emergency kite ( GUARANTEED AND EFFECTIVE ) , I installed it today
  3. _readme.txt Once again , After the previous attack by .MAAS virus which encrypt most of my important data and the entire external hard disk , today I have been attacked by new virus with (.OONN) extension that uses online ID , this new ransomware has the exact same E-mail adress of those criminals who attacked me about month ago ( according to the ransom / readme text file they sent ) by the result , all my files contained in my usb flash disk has been encrypted with the same method of Maas ransomware . all this happened because of downloading ( FALL GYUS ) game ( setup )
  4. thanks for reply , that's kind of you Sir , if there is any update on my case , please notify me
  5. Hello 1- I learned that "A decryptor tool for ZQ ransomware uses Salsa20 and RSA-1024 algorithms to encrypt victims’ files. is now available for free" created and discovered by a security researcher Michael Gillespie released by both Emsisoft and Avast is that mean that there is hope or chance to decrypt maas ransomware with online id as it uses the same Salsa20 and RSA encryption , or it is impossible at all since the key for decryption is online ID ( owned by criminals' server only ) 2- What about these videos I watched on YOUTUBE yesterday ? is there really such tools wh
  6. I'd like to great and thank each one of your team for your efforts and concern . are we going to hear any good news about decrypting Maas extension with online ID ? As , your company is promising and considered the specialist one in the field of stop/DJVU ransomware solution and due to all coaporation and working together with other security , well-known anti-virus companies , law enforcement and anti-ransowware sites ... ext I just need to learn if there any developments or changes , whatever , to decrypt my files one day . it would be my dream and everyone's happy da
  7. imagine that all my 2 TB hard disk which contains very valuable data ( personal and work files , accounts ) has gone forever , it costs me more than 15 years of work , time and efforts so it can't be Compensable , unfortunately , I don't had any backup of them in the time the ransomware attacked me . this ransomware is a nuisance for sure , besides , This had very bad consequences for my work all that hapened because of new stop / djvu using AES encryption with online id and ( MAAS ) extension My personal ID: 0239yjnkjddrtlOcGx5NH5gOrcJIXbn3gCiG8v5yNjLYxBCEn50jq Therefore,
  8. I'm still looking for an active solution for new Stop / djvu virus Every day , I visit Emsisoft site to find any new decrypting tool for ( Maas ) extension this is the my third topic I sent because you are the only hope I have please use all your knowledge , experience , experts and efforts to find any way to get my data back I think , Unfortunately , as long as all new ransom viruses which use AES encryption with online id , there is no hope to get my data back unless law enforcement arrest those criminals or gain access to their server because they own the unique decryption k
  9. I'd like to thank each one of your team for your efforts and concern My question is : Is there any hope to find any solution in the near future for decrypting new stop / djvu with : (*.Mass ) extension and online ID Is the next release of decrypting tool going to solve and consider this issue My online ID is : 0239yjnkjddrtlOcGx5NH5gOrcJIXbn3gCiG8v5yNjLYxBCEn50jq E-mail of criminals who attack my pc : [email protected] and [email protected] please any solution because I really lost all my important data and that was so harmfull to me
  10. please help me as soon as possible all my data of my work in my external HDD was encrypted with Maas virus . that was very harmful and bad to me so much more than you can imagine ( since I don't have another copy of data and most xlsx files which I really need can't be recovered succesfully with recovery software ) I've learned that the process of decrypting ransom virus with online id & unique key look impossible ( at least , recently ) but I hope you find a solution and actively work for it. and I'm sure that you are doing your best for this case . my personal o
  11. My files which contains very important data have been infected with Ransom virus , the extension of each encrypted file is turned into (Maas) Since I trust your company and appreciate all your efforts to find solution , I hope you can do it as soon as possible Exp original file name : text.txt Encrypted file name : text.txt.maas The file that displays the ransom and payment information as following : ATTENTION!
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