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  1. Thanks for the explanation. Once I got hit, I quickly downloaded avg antivirus, scanned everything then preformed system restore. I also switched off the internet from windows adapter. I now did a full system format after backing up my encrypted files. Also, I did not get a sign in notification for my Google account/ others in the past two days. I checked GDrive and Gmail and everything appears to be in place. I also changed my passwords. Fingers crossed that nothing was stolen. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the reply. 1. Is it 100%? I got the virus after downloading a torrent. I thought these type of viruses only encrypt your data. I have over 30 folders with files on the desktop so did the virus automatically upload everything? I switched off the internet not long after I got infected. 2. I changed my passwords and formatted the PC. Could the hackers log into my Google Drive/Gmail skipping the two step verfication despite me not receiving an alert on my phone/email?
  3. Thank You for the quick reply. I just have important to me questions if you don't mind. 1. What are the chances of criminals getting my desktop files transferred to them as I had a 50 MB desktop folder with important pictures? 2. How likely will a solution be found regarding my files without me gutting the key from the criminals since this is highly unlikely? 3. When I got infected, I noticed that my Google Chrome had a message saying that this browser is manged by someone else and that they may have access outside the browser. The question is: did they get access to my Gmail and Drive? I did not receive any login notification and have 2 step verification enabled. Also, should I change my password? 4. Speaking of passwords, do I need to change every site password since I have them stored in the browsers as well as the Last Pass extension. Should I change that as well? Thank you once again for taking the time.
  4. Hi, I too was just infected with the .Maas virus and the decrypt_STOPDjvu tool cannot unlock the files as they have an online ID. My questions are; How likely will a working tool to decrypte those files in the future be available? Should I make an image of those files using Acron/just keep the files on another partition until a solution is available? What is the best antivirus that protect against those sort of viruses without slowing the PC down as this is my gaming/video editing PC? Thank You in advance.