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  1. Dear Emsisoft, can you please write/make, .Maas extension ransomware decryptor/decrypted tool?! 🙏 🙏 😟 Your experience, knowledge, will and You, are our only hope. You can do it! Please help. 😞 a lot of files and data is gone, becouse of these negative stuff. Please help 🙏
  2. Dear Emsisoft, hello there. (hope, these message found you in your good health and good people around you). my name is Ivan. my work & personal computer is infected whit: .Mass ransomeware virus/malware/adware just want to please you, begin' you, ask.. Can you help please, Emsisoft? can you make: .maas ransomware decryptor/decrypted tool, Emsisoft, please?! Please!? please! :( Help, please :( whole Life, whole work, whole documents, whole pictures, even and My Family, our life's, lifes of children, whole everything we don
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