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  1. Thanks Guys You Are doing Great Job..! Still Not Able To Decrypt My Files. I will Run Decryptor tool Every Weekend
  2. Thank For Quick Reply As my pc got attacked there was some kind of background process in jQuery Jawa script & Ajax Script In Services in Windows. These Jawa Scripts were created in my E drive. These are those scripts i think it may help you So Shared it. jquery-ui.min.js sdk.js 715c4c7835.js analytics.js
  3. My files got Encrypted with .zida extension File type showing ZIDA in windows. From last 15 days.I format my pc & also tried decryptor tool in different pc. But showing No Key for new Variants offline ID XWCPtjGutYhybf71uisKCRvEtul06p4tnmyby3t1 Notice: this ID appears be an offline ID, decryption MAY be possible in the future. Plz help me car acceleration sound fx.mp3.asd.zida _readme.txt