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  1. Hello, just this and I will not bother you anymore: If I understood you correctly, for files that are infected with an online ransomware with .moka and .repl extensions, there is no chance that a decryptor will be done and that I can delete them.
  2. Does that mean you have a decryptor for .moka extension and you don't have a .repl?
  3. Is there any hope of making a decryptor for extensions.moka and repl? I don't want to pay a penny to criminals.
  4. Say: Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible
  5. The decryptor you suggested cannot remove ransomware with the .moka extension
  6. I've had a problem with ransomver with extension.moka for a year now. Are you building on a descriptor for it?
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