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  1. I have mostly JPG files and all of their first 5 bytes start with FFD8FFE,then end with three random number wich makes it really hard to find file pairs for each of them.Though the mp4 files all have the same first 5 bytes.

    Is there a way to upload file pairs faster,or is there a way to automate the submission of the file pairs?

  2. My files were encrypted by Stop/Djvu (.litar variant) ransomware. The ransomware has encrypted the D‏‏‎ ‎partition wich contains ages worth of family photos and videos.

    Hapily, I have backup of the files,but not of all of them,just a part of the encrypted folders.

    I have tried using the decryptor but i didn't work because my files were encrypted with a online key(here is a link to the log file made by the decryptor https://www.filehosting.org/file/details/883357/LYfdCAI3ksA0JjL3/Emsisoft Decryptor log.txt )

    I also tried uploading file pairs  but I had too many many file pairs and I was unable to upload all of them without it taking me hours and hours.

    Could I send my files to a emsisoft employee so that they can upload the files faster or could I get a script that automates the submision of the file pairs?

    Link to readme.txt file: https://freetexthost.net/XVZqXUV

    Link to PersonalID.txt file: https://freetexthost.net/lIHLDgK


    Here is a picture of the files(Also the language that you are seeing is romanian)

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