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  1. Please Help No key for New Variant offline ID: FgNvm19dtGwiAeo0E1PMle6iyL3YnoVnx73sG5t1 Notice: this ID appears be an offline ID, decryption MAY be possible in the future and the other one on different folder No key for New Variant online ID: oTefH3OGBOeiAU9nFLGo888rkASTWRibrEdDcFZg Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible 0242regyjnkjddrtFgNvm19dtGwiAeo0E1PMle6iyL3YnoVnx73sG5t1 (ID from _Readme.txt) 0242regyjnkjddrtoTefH3OGBOeiAU9nFLGo888rkASTWRibrEdDcFZg (ID from _Readme.txt) Please Help. Thanks in advance.
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