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  1. oh~! Dear~! You're same me.... My offline ID(tzIlR6QjAwRHl9bgqg72TtpNa8D820Lw1dW6CUt1) is the same as yours.
  2. You were damaged by the same method as me. My offline ID is also tzIlR6QjAwRHl9bgqg72TtpNa8D820Lw1dW6CUt1
  3. _readme.txt 드래곤볼 30주년 포스터.jpg.nile 사회보장법_11.pdf.nile
  4. The analysis result of a extension name(.nile) analyzed from "Emsisoft Decryptor for STOP Djvu" ■ Analysis result -Error: No key for New Variant offline ID: tzIlR6QjAwRHl9bgqg72TtpNa8D820Lw1dW6CUt1 -Notice: this ID applies be an offline ID, decryption MAY be probable in the future This analysis result was provided as a message that all hard disks connected to my computer and all infected files on mobile disks cannot be decrypted for the above reasons. "_readme.txt file" related for an extension name(.nile) This file has the following messages below. ATTENTION!
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