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  1. Can you tell me something about progress?
  2. My fault. Sorry. Do you found something to decrypt my data?
  3. Here is rar Virustotal scan: Sorry for bad sharing...
  4. @Amigo-A sending. death_of_shadow are encrypted files. Rar is this program baryka.pdf([email protected]).Death_Of_Shadow ([email protected]).txt Polski zrobiony 03.04.docx([email protected]).Death_Of_Shadow Polski zrobiony.docx([email protected]).Death_Of_Shadow Polski.docx([email protected]).Death_Of_Shadow
  5. I decompilled program but i dont know what to do with this.
  6. Hi I was attacked using death_shadow.exe. I found program but i need help with decryption. Do you found program do decrypt files? Thanks ;)