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  1. 10 minutes ago, Jith Pillai said:

    Hi Team,

    All  the files in my system are encrypted with .vari malware.
    Error: No key for New Variant offline ID: atQpRfpTf6bEEYHQxofqkrbRZ6xrCH6OD1M6h6t1
    Notice: this ID appears be an offline ID, decryption MAY be possible in the future

    Could you please let me know if I should keep the files backup hoping I will be able to decrypt one fine day using EMSISOFT decryption? How frequent should I try? Appreciate if you can let me know the details.

    same here man i cant decrypt it either


  2. On 1/30/2020 at 5:01 AM, Kevin Zoll said:

    Hello @SalasKafa

    Thank you for contacting Emsisoft Support.

    TOPI is a newer variant of the STOP/DJVU family of ransomware and is not supported by our decryption tool.  Any ID ending in t1 is an Offline ID anything else is an Online ID.  This is important as it tells us how the encryption key was generated.  There may be multiple Ids, especially if communication between the target system and the command & control server is interrupted for any reason, or because the file encryption was done in stages to avoid detection.  An Offline ID means that the encryption key pair was generated locally and the encryption key is encoded in a file.  An Online ID means the encryption key pair was generated and stored on a remote command & control server under the control of the ransomware gang responsible for encrypting your files.

    Why is this important?  The ID of the file(s) is how private encryption keys are identified.  If we have a private encryption key matching the ID for a file(s) then that can be used to decrypt the file(s).  However, this is all contingent on us having a matching private encryption key in our database.  The downside of all this is that we are not currently in possession of private encryption keys for the TOPI variant of STOP/DJVU.

    No key for New Variant offline ID: atQpRfpTf6bEEYHQxofqkrbRZ6xrCH6OD1M6h6t1

    please help


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