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  1. If I restore my computer to an earlier point ( august 8th while this attack took place at 16th of August) will my files become available or not? There is a system restore point at that point
  2. I just wanted to ask the following... Your team actually discourages us from paying the ransom but at the same time you do tell us that the only way we are going to get our files back is through the generated key that will be sold to us by the Ransomware creators. So currently my only hope of getting my files back is the really really slight chance of someone actually paying the hundreds of dollars they are asking AND the crooks actually being nice enough to provide us with the key, which then the aforementioned buyer will be nice enough to share with you( assuming he actually knows about the decryptor) and then finally to run the decryptor using the key so that my files are decrypted? Sounds like a long shot... Any practical other tutorials... I don't know something like a deep analysis and restoring of my whole system to the day before the encryption will have any effect whatsoever? Thanks in advance for your time and effort!!
  3. Hello there, I am also facing problems with the attached ransomware Your personal ID: 0246regyjnkjddrtatQpRfpTf6bEEYHQxofqkrbRZ6xrCH6OD1M6h6t1 System PersonalID atQpRfpTf6bEEYHQxofqkrbRZ6xrCH6OD1M6h6t1. The only was that we will be able to get back our files is if someone pays the ransom and the key is added to the database, or are there hopes that this problem will be resolved in time? Thanks in advance for your time and effort.
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