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  1. @ GT500 Please as soon as you know of any solution or software to be able to decrypt my files encrypted by lockbit let us know immediately. I'd appreciate it a lot.
  2. GT500 ¿Do you recommend that I pay the ransom and do you ensure that they give me the encryption key? -.-
  3. Help friends, this virus also affected me, I had to format my pc. I tried all the possible tools to decrypt my data and I still have not been able, I have not found anything to help me, this virus is the worst thing that has happened to me. I need to get my files back very urgently. Anyone who knows of any method. Thanks for helping me in the future. The creators of this rasonmware are unaware of the damage they cause to those of us who always work from a pc like us. @Saurav, if you have any way to get your files back I hope you can help me Thanks!
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