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  1. thans guys, your all awesome,, it's work
  2. @Amigo-A what next ? JBUIIGF-DECRYPT.rar
  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Zk6HBUFvb9_MT53PLMjD-X5Om2Wqm18c/view?usp=sharing this file i used to pairs i can upload in forum, "uploaded failed" the ransomware note "JBUIIGF-DECRYPT.hta" not "JSWRM-DECRYPT.hta"
  4. @Amigo-A its happen 2 days ago can you help me ?
  5. @GT500 yes i did, it still 17,50 %, i hope it work is this normal ?
  6. hello guys, My server computer was infected by ransomware jsworm, I used emsisoft decrypter jsworm 4.0 to decrypt my file. after 100% it goes 110% is this normal? can anyone help me ? I uploaded an infected file, it may be needed many thanks sample ransomware.rar
  7. I also had the same problem, please help me
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