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  1. today i try beg attacker , they send message back , i have no money , are you think hope for software decrypt ? Y_Y
  2. 1. I think my friend's computer battery has deteriorated with the BIOS battery. 2 . I have a question. My friend's files are encrypted. Do you think the future can be decrypted? 3 .I backed up the encrypted data, I want to know Encrypted Some 1 files can be loaded. Into a computer that is not infected I want to know Will my computer be infected? Thanks GT500 , and Amigo-A
  3. Hi i am in Thailand I don't know why me ransomware attack . My friend's picture is over 100gb encrypted , It is a picture of 2 daughters from birth to growing up TT. Please who know Decrypted This ransomware , I can't find a decryption tool. Help me , Please Thank so much DSC_0287.JPG.lockbit.id-8CE7A8C0.[[email protected]].ROGER.lockbit.id-8CE7A8C0.[[email protected]].ROGER.lockbit i attacted file picture encripted Please Thanks DSC_0287.JPG.lockbit.id-8CE7A8C0.[[email protected]].ROGER.lockbit.id-8CE7A8C0.[[email protected]].ROGER.lockbit.id-8CE7A8C0.[t
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