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  1. Hello. We got a decryption tool. Is it useful for you to have a sample of encrypted file and this decryption tool for possible development of your own general decryptor?
  2. Hi, we have the same problem. The customer's servers were encrypted today. I attached a message from the attacker and a sample file. We are looking for malware (exe file). ========================================== Message: hello. to recover your 7OMWNW_LeChiffre files, send any message to: telegram messenger: @isres or email: [email protected] reserve method of communication: email: [email protected] usually the answer is 1-10min. If there is no answer, check the spam folder or write from another email where there is no spam filtering. super reserve method of communication: bitmessage messenger: BM-2cTTNY8gzaTxEoPDs9P1jaSRPdit9n8G65 download the messenger: in the response, you will receive instructions. Have a nice day! =========================== Do you have any news for us? Thank you very much. 7OMWNW_LeChiffre_ReadMe.txt lsasetup.log.7OMWNW_LeChiffre