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  1. Thankyou for looking into this and getting the right result, I was very confused, because I could find it being called a bunch of other things around the web, I guess I will just keep the files safe and hope that the keys get released in the future, out of interest, what do you think the chance of the actors actually being reachable and getting a decryption key by paying at this point? Because I can check the bitcoin wallet quoted and it hasn't been touched since about 2017?
  2. Please refer to the screenshot that I have provided as well of the ID by the software, for context this group of files was encrypted probably sometime in 2016-ish, it's been quite a many years since it has actually been encrypted, I've just been re-told to have a look into the files and try to decrypt them again, but I have attached a few test files and their unencrypted counterparts FacebookVideoCallSetup_v1.2.205.0.exe FacebookVideoCallSetup_v1.2.205.0.exe.crypt how_to_recover_files.html IMG_0461a.jpg.crypt IMG_0462a.jpg.crypt IMG_0463a.jpg.crypt
  3. I have ran it through the ID website many times and it identifies it as Globe3, because of the email present in the ransomnote: [email protected] I have also looked up the bitcoin address and it seems people have ID'ed it also as Globe3, but I just can't seem to get a positive decryption happening, no matter what I try? Is it possible that there may be some erroneous bits at the end of the file that could be causing it to be a slightly different size?
  4. I understand that 100% but it seems that as a result of this file size the Decryptor doesn't appear to work for my set of files, Even though they should be exact copies of each other, is there a private way that I can DM you to demonstrate this occurring perhaps?
  5. Hi Arthur, Thanks for the reply, I have downloaded and attempted to use the Globe3 Decryptor, but it seems that the encrypted file is slightly bigger than an example original file, for example, one of the encrypted files is a install exe for a popular piece of software, when downloading that version and comparing it to the encrypted copy of the same file, it appears to be slightly smaller than the encrypted copy, I have checked this with other files in the directory and it seems that this is correct for every file that I can check in the directory, It is possible that their are trailing bytes at the end of the file for example, I have attached a screenshot demonstrating this.
  6. Hey Folks, Some years ago a family computer of mine was encrypted with a ransomware program, Unfortunately due to human error, the backup was never made properly, however a backup of all the encrypted files was made in the hopes that in the future they may be able to be decrypted, I have tried indentifying this ransomware online, but it seems that none points in a really solid direction, I have tried to use several decryptor programs but to no avail, I can't seem to find a matching set of unencrypted and encrypted files, the encrypted copy always seems to be ever so slightly bigger than the original, I am happy to submit a variety of sample encrypted, unencrypted and ransom notes. The variant uses the .crypt extension, with the bitcoin address: 1JA2f7F1JE3faUzavH89iDiZxtZqV1bB82, there is also a .pt domain tracking link at the bottom of the page as well.