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  1. On 1/30/2020 at 10:23 PM, Yosef Inmannuel said:

    Hi, I need an Emsisoft developer to answer me in order to send it to you. I bought the ransomware decoder of the month of January from some "hackers", where I only have to run a batch file in CMD, and he does everything: Decrypt the files (Online or Offline) and automatically save them to the hard disk Have more space. It worked for many because there are testimonials that decrypt recent ransomware files but not me, and I have my files encrypted. As it has not worked for me, I think of giving it to you so that if you can know how it works or you can get your keys, tell me. If you want more information here I am.

    Hello my files were encrypted by .repl ransomware if you can please send the decryption tool.

    P.S.- I will give a attachment of the ransomware noted.


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