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  1. ok thanks for the assistance, best support i received form any provider
  2. i tried changing the settings in windows defender but it still does the same
  3. The problem is that it happens only when windows defender updates via windows updates?
  4. When windows defender updates Via Windows updates it disables mav and surf protection temporally? is this an emsisoft issue or windows issue?
  5. Hi thanks there is only emsisoft on the computer, I changed the setting for scanning but it still idles a bit high, but not killing the CPU thanks to changing the but now I have another issue, do I start a new discussion?
  6. Also emsisoft has been installed for a while, this is a daily issue when scanning its only now after reading forums on emsisoft support that i decided to register, and report it as it has happend as early as 2015 to my knowledge and may even have earlier cases than 2015, someone posted in a2start.exe about a2services.exe high cpu usage but cant remember where and when
  7. Windows 10 pro 4 gb ram Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N3450 @ 1.10GHz scans run daily, and cpu usage spikes during scans daily, and computer is switched of at night i have browes forums here and have seen it pulls high grade cpu's usage also quite high
  8. a2services.exe shows 11.3% usage on idle and 94% during a scan
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