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  1. Hello, I was attacked by a ransomware as well like on august when I was trying to download a pirate game version to test it and see if I like it or not. My ransomware has the .oonn extension on a good amount of my personal files, at least I stop it from continuing because I notice, the program that was used to get the game download link was active and keep popping on the task bar and disappearing. So I went to task manager and ended all of the unknow stuff that was running and see it coming back so I went to the folder location and deleted, that work. So yeah, I spend a couple of week Investigating on how to decrypt my stuff but no luck. I found out that my ransomware has an online key, so at the moment I will wait for Emsisoft to figure out how to decrypt them. I really hope in a near future I can get my files back, I have really old important files that I have no backup of them nowhere else, and no opportunity of getting it again. 

    So I hope no one else falls in to this annoying malware or whatever is categorized as.... Good Luck! and I hope everyone can get there files again! :)

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